Our Story

Blèzi Cosmetics is a family-owned company that prides itself in manufacturing high-level makeup and skincare products. All our products are developed by founder Miranda Hazenberg with utmost care, for you and for the environment. She collaborates only with the very best product specialists in the field of cosmetics.

“To make women shine with confidence, with beautiful and responsible products of the highest quality. That is my passion.” Miranda Hazenberg, the woman behind Blèzi Cosmetics

Founder Blèzi Cosmetics

Miranda Hazenberg, founder and initiator of Blèzi Cosmetics, discovered an increasing demand amongst women for high quality and easy-to-use skin care and makeup products. Products that feel comfortable all day and are extremely long lasting. You don’t want to have to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to apply your make up. You don’t want to feel the disappointment of your eye shadow that has completely vanished before noon, or which has miraculously moved towards the creases in your skin. Nor do you want to have to apply your lipstick 5 times per day.

Miranda wanted to take away these annoyances and was caught by the idea of approaching and creating the products that she had been working with for 23 years, in an entirely new way. This was the reason she started developing products that meet her own demands and that exceed your expectations.

With her passion for beautiful active ingredients and pigments, she started developing clean cosmetics, which are equally good for its users and for the environment. In this process it is of high importance that every product she develops can be applied easily and quickly, even if someone is not familiar with using skin care products or makeup. Equally important is that every product is long lasting. The innovative formulas and the user-friendly packaging are a result of this approach.


Blèzi stand for responsible entrepreneurship. We do our utmost best to guarantee the safety and health of man and nature – and if possible even improve it. We process the best ingredients into beautiful, effective and responsible cosmetics. We see to it that our ingredients are processed in a fair way and that our products and packaging are manufactured responsibly.

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