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“Feeling beautiful, made easy”
“Your most beautiful you. All day, every day.”
“Life isn't perfect but your make-up can be”
Long lasting
Makeup that feels comfortable and stays perfectly in place all day long. Read more
Easy to use
Our products are easy and quick to apply, even if you are not used to use skin care and/or makeup Read more
Pure ingredients
Clean beauty: pure, safe, non-toxic and non-animal tested ingredients Read more
Skin in balance
Our cosmeceutical Skin Care line supports the natural functions of your skin and balances it Read more
Good for you
Blèzi is here to help you feel good so that you glow with self-confidence. Read more
Safe and reliable
Every Blèzi product is fully certified and complies with all strict safety standards Read more
Miranda Hazenberg of Blèzi Cosmetics

Do you recognize this?

It’s 7 am; your alarm goes off for the 2nd time. You wake up, have to hurry up, take a shower, make breakfast, do some laundry, apply your makeup, eesh… “What a hassle that makeup is”. Only by lunchtime you have the opportunity to go to the restroom. You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. “My eye shadow is in all the creases, I’ve got spots on my face and my lipstick has vanished! #@$!!... I look awful!!”

I started Blèzi because of this problem. Because you want to take care of your body and use long-lasting makeup that’s easy to apply, so that you look good all day. From that desire and from our passion for great products and our love for beauty and health, Blèzi developed three different product lines.

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Miranda Hazenberg
founder Blèzi Cosmetics